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Fresh Productions is a one stop shop for Film and Stage Productions.  Anchored in storytelling, creating original works and supporting the local arts we offer a number of resources and talents that are dedicated to providing exceptional content that engages all audiences.


     Collectively the members of FP have participated in and created hundreds of projects which include commercials, online ads, short and feature films, musicals, plays, dinner theater, commissions for original scripts and short form videos.

     We can and have filled the following positions: Film and Stage Directors, Assistant Directors, Producers, Production Designers, Writers, Editors, Composers, Location Manager, Grips and Gaffers, Sound Tech, Costume Designers, Marketing Consultant, Graphic Design, Production Assistant, Craft Services and Catering.


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DOUG 'Fresh' UNDERWOOD is the creator of Fresh Productions. He is a 1994 graduate of Lamar University where he studied Computer Drafting and Design.  He has written stories and created characters since he was a kid and wrote his first award winning story in the third grade.  Doug was a finalist in the 2014 Gary Garrison Playwright festival. His love for theater and film has evolved his writing skills to a more public domain where he is now a Writer, Director, Producer and Designer for film and stage productions.


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TRAVIS MYERS is a frequent collaborator with Fresh Productions. He is a Writer, Director, Editor, Actor, Composer and Director of Photography. He received a Corporate Communications degree from Lamar University, Beaumont TX., in 2016. His award credits include a nomination for Best Texan Film in the Houston Comedy Film Festival and Director of Team ‘Make Movies Great Again’, winners of the 2017 and 2018 Boomtown Film and Music Festival 48 Hour Film Race.


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CODY UNDERWOOD is a Writer and Producer with Fresh Productions.
He is a 2010 graduate of Texas State University and published author.  Cody also studied theater arts while attending Lamar University of Port Arthur.  
Many of Cody’s original stories have successfully made it to the stage.  In 2009 he created Tea House publishing company and continues to write stories and blogs for all levels and tastes of readers.

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