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Director:  Johnny Yong Bosch

Screenwriter:  Kyle Higgins, Brian Buccellato, Johnny Yong Bosch

Genre:  Sci-Fi Action

They look like us.  And sound like us.  But they are not us.
Doppelgängers from a parallel universe have secretly assumed the identities of their opposites. To stop the threat of a mass invasion, STRUCTURE, a covert agency that polices interdimensional travel, has sent its best assassin.

 Starring Johnny Yong Bosch, Jason Narvy, Soji Arai, Jennifer Almaguer, Naoyuki Ikeda, Saadia Mirza and Thomas B. Sampson.

Producers - Johnny Yong Bosch and Cold Creek Productions.

DP - Charlie G

Shhh Poster 11x17 wCredits_laurels.jpg

Director:  Penny LeLeux

Screenwriter: Penny LeLeux

Genre:  Comedy Drama Action

When a pharmaceutical spy ducks into a library to avoid capture he encounters a potential partner/love interest in a librarian looking for adventure and a new job.

Starring - Reese Ravencraft, Woody Almazan, John Freddrick and Jason LeLeux.

DP - Travis Myers

Editor - Travis Myers

Producers - Penny LeLeux and Doug Underwood

Warped Dimension OS Laurels, BLK on WHT.
'SPINDLETOP the begining'

Director:  Jason Leal

Screenwriter:  Jason Leal

Genre:  Historic Drama


"Spindletop The Beginning" is a period piece short film about the "The Prophet of Spindletop," Pattillo Higgins, and his mischievous antics as a young teenager. Spindletop refers to the 1901 oil gusher in Beaumont which would change the economy of Texas and the Gulf Coast forever. Starring Keegan Bouton, Chiara McCarty, John Frederick, Parker White and Matt Williams.

Producers - Joe H. Lee and Doug Underwood

DP - Travis Myers

Production Design - Kellie Penna

Costume Design - Gladys Thomas

Spindletop Movie Poster.png

Director:  Doug Underwood

Screenwriter:  Freshman Douglas

Genre:  Dark Comedy Horror

When her husband mysteriously goes missing, Lacy finds the source and the strength to retaliate. Starring Reese Ravencraft, Antionette M. Kelly, Michael Underhill, Anthony Fraccastoro and James Frisby.

DP - Travis Myers

Editor - Travis Myers

Production Designer - Seth Sonnier

Costume Designer - Sarah Mannino

HOOT Poster.png

Director:  Travis Myers

Screenwriter:  Travis Myers

Genre:  Comedy


When a business trips leads a weary traveler (Carlos Sierra) to a secluded motel for the night a zealous owner and guest experience representative over steps his bounds in order to find his confidence to overcome a debilitating fear- to kill.

In the vein of Hitchcock's 'Psycho', Melvin (Travis Myers) take another stab at being just creepy.  What's funnier than murder?  Motel Night is the answer.

DP - Nathan Paine

Editor - Travis Myers

Producer - Doug Underwood

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Nacogdoches Film Fe
Indie Short.png

Directors:  Doug Underwood

Screenwriter:  Freshman Douglas

Genre:  Spy Drama

Loose Ends is short film of a CIA team chief locating and asking his former team members (Op's) to come do one last mission to tie up some loose ends. 

Fresh Productions wrote, directed and produced the film.  Filmed entirely in Beaumont, Texas area and stars in order of appearance: Timothy J Rodiguez, Huberto Villarreal,  Steven K. Howell,  Ariel Simon,  Chris Mayo and Dylan E. King.

DP - Travis Myers

Editor - Mark Fanos

Costumer - Ryan A. White

Composer - Matthew C. Thomas.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Calcasieu Parish Sh
My Brothers Keeper

Director:  Travis Myers

Screenwriter:  Freshman Douglas

Genre:  Western


A journey of retribution takes a wild wild turn in the West.  'My Brothers Keeper' is a short film created for the 48 Hour Film Project 2018.  An international film contest where short films 4-7 mins long will compete for Best In City and on to Best Film of 2018 selected from every participating city in the whole wide galaxy.

DP - Travis Myers

Editor(s) - Kevin McGee, Anthony Fraccastoro, Travis Myers

Costumer - Ryan A. White and Cast

D.T.A. - Music Video

Director: Doug Underwood

DP and Editor: Travis Myers

Performed and Written by: Jamie 'Inta'lek' Gleason

Genre:  Music Video


D.T.A. written for the short film 'Loose Ends' warns of the fate for those who do not heed the advice Don't trust Anyone.  Performed Inta'lek and produced by the makers of Loose Ends the music video is a warning and a story of it's own.

Fowler and the Z - Season 2

Directors:  Doug Underwood

Screenwriter:  Freshman Douglas

Genre:  Comedy


Detectives Fowler and The Z return for season 2 with 'Retro II - Fruit of the Spirit.'   After a brief hiatus the two goofy detectives who are a decade apart are once again separated while chasing a new unknown villain.  Detective Fowler is taken hostage and Z must be forced to work with Agent Sasser.  Only after the mysterious phone call from 'Charlie' and the appearance of her assistant Barclay do the two have any hope of reuniting and solving the case. 

DP - Doug Underwood

Editor - Doug Underwood

Fowler and the Z - Season 1

Directors:  Doug Underwood

Screenwriter: Freshman Douglas

Genre:  Comedy


Originally intended to be used in tandem with a sermon series this spoof on 70's and 80's TV cop shows was a huge hit from Friendship Media.  It later took on a life of it's own in the public when it landed on YouTube.


Detectives Fowler and the Z played by Josh Fowler and Casey Zimmerman usually let their selfish desires and ambitions get in the way of their purpose, catching bad guys.  The first season titled 'Retro - Back to the Basics.'  is still available in select episodes online.

DP - John McPherson and Doug Underwood

Editor - John McPherson

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