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"Just write it down."

“Writing is easy.  All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.”

― Mark Twain

Familiar Spirits - by Cody Underwood

     'Familiar Spirits' is writer Cody Underwood's portrayal of the Southeast Texas' legend of Sarah Jane.  In this version of the ageless ghost story Underwood conjures the ties that bind the nineteenth century Sarah Jane and wife of a Confederate soldier, to that of Catherine an expectant mother who a hundred years later is in her own war torn time and waiting the return of her husband and soldier Michael.

     'Familiar Spirits' was commissioned by and debuted to much success at the Beau Reve House on ‘Sarah Jane’ road in Port Neches, TX.  It has been reprised twice more at the Beau Reve House and at the main stage of Port Arthur Little Theatre. 

Mans Best Friend - by Cody Underwood

Mans Best Friend - by Cody Underwood

Terrie and Max are completely in love but the diagnosis of a potentially fatal disease causes these young lovers to wonder if happiness can be found after inevitable heartache. Written with matter-of-fact sincerity, this play requires honest acting that will undoubtedly affect any audience.

 An older couples overnight stay at a motel room is the setting of Cody Underwoods South West Virginia.  After driving all day from a neighboring state the couple try to relax. Rest does not come as they were there for disturbing a reason. A discovery that it was not just another overnight stay en route to somewhere else.

South West Virginia- by Cody Underwood

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