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"Five minutes to places."


Directors:  Doug Underwood

Screenwriter:  Freshman Douglas

Genre:  Drama


CAMP HOPE was selected to be staged during the 2015 Gary Garrison Playwright festival hosted annually by Studio 33 at the Betty Greenburg Performing Arts Center.

The story centers around a former Marine struggling with the unseen wounds of PTSD.

Directors:  Doug Underwood

Screenwriter: Freshman Douglas

Genre:  Ghost Story Thriller


As with most local legends there are generally more than one version.  'The Light' is one of many tales that explains what truly happened on that old rail line between Bragg and Saratoga, Texas.  For years young and old have braved the dark eerie section of the big thicket hoping for a glance at the light which mysteriously floats around the marshes and pines of southeast Texas.

The Light

Directors:  Doug Underwood

Screenwriter:  Freshman Douglas

Genre:  Musical

In January 1901, the Hamill brothers under the guise of Anthony Lucas struck oil on Big Hill just south of Beaumont, Texas.  Overnight the small lumber town was over ran with wildcatters and all kinds of suspicious types and the newly developed Gladys City became known as a 'Boomtown'.

2B Continued


Screenwriter:  Freshman Douglas

Genre:  Comedy

Residents of a six story apartment building meet in Mary's 2B apartment to discuss their complaints and needs for renovations to be made by the absentee landlord.

The characters of '2B Continued' are all based on some of TV's and movies funniest characters.

Sweet, Snarky, Soused, Simple, Sulky, Sharp and Sour there is someone for everyone in this ensemble cast. 

2B - Mary

2A - Miss. Fowler

3A - Angel

3B - Ralph and Louise Wood (Not Woods)

4A - Lester

6B - Bonnie

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